Samsung Galaxy S4: The Ultimate Business Smartphone

Knox Security Improves BYOD Usage With Samsung Galaxy S4

With the rapid expansion of the Bring your own Device (BYOD) movement among companies and enterprises, mobile security has become a concern, and an issue that many companies aren't quite sure how to deal with. The benefits of BYOD are far too great to ignore completely, yet when you have company data that is accessible from employees' private mobile devices, some concessions must be made. To battle the insecurity issue, many IT departments require monitoring of the mobile devices that will be used to access company data. So now the concern is with the employees because they don't want the company monitoring their private emails and data. The solution for many employees has been to carry two phones- one for personal use and one for business use. This way, the employees' private data stays private while the company phone is monitored. 

Knox: Samsung's new business and security solution

Samsung and Absolute Software have been working in together to create a security solution called Samsung Knox. This security platform transforms the Samsung Galaxy S4 into the ultimate corporate phone. It separates the phone into two sections- one for personal use and one for business use. This ensures that all personal data stays private from remote business users so the IT guys can monitor the business usage of the phone without prying into private emails or data.

The Knox security feature could change the way BYOD is currently used as it now provides access for employees to use a single phone for both personal and corporate use. With the exciting array of features that the Samsung Galaxy S4 already comes with, the implementation of such an innovative business and security solution makes the phone the ultimate business smartphone.

10/19/2019 01:51:02 am

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